Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Music CD


DouglasM said...

Hi Gene,
Got your email but have not had a chance to listen to your music but will do first chance I get.

Glad you liked my site, I am sure we can strike up a business relationship that can be beneficial to both of us,
lets say I put your link on one of my sites or site's and you do thee same for me.

Let me know what you think of this idea.


Frank Mulder

Music, Art & Marketing said...

Hey Frank, Thanks for stopping by. I have a "Top 10 FanPlug Links". Its for anyone "listens to the music" or "purchase a track" or and write a simple review. Same rules apply for T-Shirt artwork. I will be happy to exhange links and add you to "Top 10 Fanplug".

All the best..


Unknown said...

Have you ever chilled in Charlotte, NC, or hung out with DJ D.R. or Mattic, two guys from Charlotte?. I ask b/c I THINK I might have a promo of yours. I've had it for a long time but I never knew who you were. I sent a similar msg on myspace. If this is not the right Gene Brown, I apologize.